If you are selling or re selling tickets online Ariv Pay can help you set up the best checkout experience for your customer with device responsive payment pages, 100+ card and alternative payment solutions across all channels allowing you to create a robust and secure payment option, with multiple payment methods in multiple currencies

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Travel (Cruise)

Ariv Pay provides payment solutions for Cruise operators, from pre-authorisation of services, such as excursions to ensuring a seamless check in service. We offer a variety of different payment methods in multiple currencies, offline processing, secure and PCI compliant solutions and direct gateway integration . All allowing your passengers to buy what they want on board, when they want it via a periodic top up authorisation, protecting you, without impacting their credit line.

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Online Businesses, E Commerce Retailers , & Digital Goods

Ariv Pays POS system has the needs of the online industry at the forefront of it’s design. Whether you are selling digital downloads, trade via an E-Commerce website, have a paid subscription service, or anything else where payments need to be made online, Ariv Pay has a payment solution that will provide a unique payment experience for your customers that supports your sales growth. With access to 100+ global and local payment options, multi currency payment processing, comprehensive reporting, real time payment data, a conversion improvement program and robust risk solution you can be assured an adaptable checkout process helping you increase your revenue.

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Food & Beverage (Restaurants/Bars/Cafes/Coffee Shops/Bakery/Food Delivery)

Ariv Pays face to face terminal payment solutions provide café, restaurants and bars simple payment solutions whilst ensuri ng maximum security and reliability. Our POS systems can be up and running in a couple of days and are certified with Point to Point Encryptions and Tokenisation capabilities.

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Hospitality (Hotels)

Ariv Pay has a rich heritage of providing hotels with payment capabilities that compliment and enhance guest experiences. The functionality allows for support with reservations, online travel agents, sales & refunds, pre-payment authorisation, and channel management.

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Retail (Shops/Convenience Stores/Pharmacy/Kiosks/Florists/Market Stalls)

Ariv Pays face to face card terminal and POS solutions are perfect for retail businesses. We offer a variety of cost effective solutions with no hidden fees, including wireless POS terminals, integrated POS and mobile app payment solutions, all designed with customer ease and conversion in mind. Whether you are a large retail chain needing to take payments from the queue, an independent pharmacy needing a cashless solutions or a local convienance store wanting a low cost solution we have a card terminal option for you.

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Transport (Taxi/Buses/Courier Services/Parking)

Payment for transport is made easy with our secure face to face payment solutions. We can provide revolutionizing solutions for couriers where pay on delivery is still a predominant payment method, we also provide cost efficient solutions for Taxi drivers, buses and parking services, ensuring secure and convenient ca sh less payment options for customers.

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Finance (Banks)

Ariv Pay offers a one stop solution for small & medium banks to manage security, convenience and choice of payment option includin g customized payment processing with dynamic currency conversion, use of payroll disbursements and trading platforms.

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Beauty (Salons/Beauty Salons)

Introduce cashless payment options with Ariv Pay payment solutions, allow your clients to make payments over the phone, online or face to face in your Beauty Salon or Hair dressers. In this competitive industry it is important to ensure optimal conversion, having a cashless payment solution will ensure your clients come back again and again.

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Leisure (Playground/Cinemas/Festivals/Fitness Centres)

For the leisure industry multiple payment solutions can be offered, you might require online and face to face solutions to serve your customers in a dynamic way. The Ariv Pay online solutions would be perfect for taking reservations or bookings online, whereas our Card Terminal and Mobile App solutions will be perfect when you are on the go

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